Saturday, November 19, 2005

New poll posted and the Helo fantasy pairing results

As we know so little about "Karl", I've created a speculative poll about Helo's backstory at right.

Did Helo have brothers? sisters?
Was he a cat person? Did he prefer dogs?
Has he been in a serious romantic relationship before?
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Results in the "Helo Fantasy Pairing" poll were largely consistent with our April poll on who you'd like to see Helo with in Season 2. The main differences being the new popularity of Racetrack as a possible partner and Laura Roslin failing to garner any votes.

1. Starbuck (24%) - Their ease around each other and time together on Caprica make them perhaps the most likely of the fantasy pairings. Plus, their past relationship is exceedingly ambiguous and Kara's promiscuity makes it seem at least possible. He's already made it into her apartment after all.

2. Apollo (21%) - A perennial favorite. Either people can't resist the prettiness or they're so desperate for Lee to get some action, they don't care who's involved. You can feel the love in the cap at right. (Zarek's also clearly sad to be losing Apollo after all their bonding during Bastille Day).

3. Racetrack (20%) - Barely edged out by Apollo, Racetrack is a newcomer to the poll, but scored quite strongly. They're both ECOs and we know Helo has a thing for co-workers. Plus, she's already made up to him over her earlier bitchiness. The right stranding in a barren expanse of space or convenient raptor crash...

On the other hand, these three are all vastly shorter than Helo, so on a purely aesthetic level I think the clear choice is Six.

The rest of the results:Helo caps are courtesy our sister site, Northern Lights.

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