Monday, November 21, 2005

Season 2 deleted scenes now online! has posted about 30 deleted scenes from the first half of Season 2 online. About 6 feature Helo.

202: Valley of Darkness
- 4th scene is of Helo and Kara wandering about her old neighborhood on Caprica.

205: The Farm
- 3rd scene features Kara having a nightmare that includes Helo.

206: Home, Part 1
- Deleted scene features Helo walking by the president.

207: Home, Part 2 - 1st scene was actually in episode, Sharon discusses her memories of being on Galactica and how that's weird. It then cuts to Meier and Zarek who call Helo/Sharon: "those crazy kids".

2nd scene is perhaps the most interesting of the Helo deleted scenes and features Kara and Helo discussing Sharon while they're down on Kobol.

208: Final Cut - 4th scene is Helo's full interview with D'Anna Biers.

209: Flight of the Phoenix
- 2nd scene briefly features Helo walking by bruised after his fight with Tyrol, much to Kara's amusement.

Thanks to Sci-fi for the head's up!


ETA: For a list of the non-Helo highlights and to see all the links at once (without looking at each episode's page), visit's excellent recap. It helpfully titles each clip and includes a direct link to it.'s S2 deleted scenes recap and links.


  1. Just FYI:
    There's a new video blog posted (#12),
    "David and Ron Make The Rounds"

    *Warning*: Spoilers. View at your own risk.

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