Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Tahmoh Interview to appear in BSG magazine

The second issue of the official Battlestar Galactica magazine, on newstands now (allegedly... I have yet to find a copy), alerts readers that a new interview with Tahmoh will appear in its third issue.

Interview: Tahmoh Penikett wonders what the future holds for 'Helo'.
It says that the 3rd issue will appear on January 24th, 2006.

Thanks to Michelle, who runs the excellent Aaron Douglas Fans!


  1. Hey! I have a copy of the BattleStar Galactica Magazine here in the States. If you want I can send it to you ?

  2. Hi Colleen, thanks for the offer. I finally found a copy of issue #2 from about the 5th place I looked ;).

    Now anxiously awaiting issue #3 with Tahmoh's interview!