Thursday, December 01, 2005

Autographed BSG poker set charity auction

A BSG poker set autographed by most of the Galactica cast is now being offered in a unique charity auction to benefit the BC Children's Hospital Foundation.

Autographs as written on the set (clockwise from the top-left):

James Callis - "Gaius"
Aaron Douglas - "Chief"
Edward James Olmos - "Adama"
Grace Park - "Boomer"
Tahmoh Penikett - "Helo"
Katee Sackhoff - "Starbuck"
Mary McDonnell - "President Roslin"
Michael Hogan - "Tigh"
Jamie Bamber - "Apollo"
Tricia Helfer - "6"

All 10 autographs were personally obtained by Grace Park (Boomer) specifically for the purpose of this charity auction.
Bid now! (Auction ends December 10th).

The eBay listing gives many more details and features 3 more pictures of the set. (For the skeptical, it also includes contact information to confirm the auction's authenticity).

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  1. Ooh, that is awesome. Wish I could bid on it, but sadly no money :/

    I also love the fact that James Callis added a heart and little stars after "Gaius" underneath his autograph *giggles*

  2. It's really a great idea. I don't play poker and I'd like to have it. lol.

    The heart is so cute, did you notice Edward James Olmos added a heart too? Or maybe it was Grace Park.

    Here's hoping the auction is a great success.