Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Fangoria #252: Trapped Ashes coverage

I managed to look at a copy of Fangoria #252, on newsstands now, which features a one page article on the upcoming horror flick, Trapped Ashes. No pictures of Tahmoh or Tahmoh's episode, "The Girlfriend", but the film's writer, Dennis Bartok, did make some interesting comments about it:

"It's set in Hollywood in 1957. It's the hardest to summarize, though. It's about a love triangle between a soon to be famous director (Tygh Runyan), a young screenwriter (Tahmoh Penikett) who writes nasty little B-movies and a beautiful, mysterious and sinister woman (Amelia Cooke). It's one episode that when people have read the script they say it really haunts their dreams."
I guess that's a good thing... The article mentions that post-production is expected to be done in May. So perhaps the film will be ready for a summer premiere.

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