Monday, March 27, 2006

Update on Trapped Ashes

Fangoria recently posted an update on Tahmoh's horror film, Trapped Ashes. The film is now in post-production with effects and sound being added in. An early screening of the movie has created some positive buzz:

It doesn’t feel like a modern horror film,” TOOLBOX MURDERS screenwriter Adam Gierasch reports to Fango of an early TRAPPED ASHES screening he attended last week. “It feels like something that was done in the late 1960s, when a studio hired a group of great directors to do a horror movie, they took a bunch of LSD and came up with something really weird and trippy that sort of resembles a ‘horror’ movie, but is not like anything you’ve ever seen!
Fango’s Weekend of Horrors convention, to be held June 2-4 in Burbank, CA will feature a sneak peek of the film, as Bartok and company will be in attendance to screen clips and discuss the anthology.

It sounds like the film is on track for a fall theatrical release.

FANGORIA #252 on newsstands now apparently has more Trapped Ashes coverage.

Read more about Trapped Ashes here and here.

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