Monday, March 13, 2006

TV Guide critic comments on BSG's October premiere

For those of you worried about BSG not returning until October, TV Guide critic Matt Roush had some reassuring words:

Question: It was recently announced that the next season of Battlestar Galactica would begin in October, and not in July as expected, thus leaving fans with a seven-month wait. What is your reaction to this decision, and why do you think this decision was made? The announcement has also given birth to rumors that they are moving the premiere to October because they are considering moving Battlestar to NBC's fall lineup. Though there is no truth to the rumors yet, it worries me because part of what makes Battlestar great is that it deals with a number of controversial issues and depicts violence and sex in raw and honest ways. I wouldn't want to see any of this "dialed down" in order to meet network standards. Do you think a move to NBC is likely, and what would be the implications for the series and the network if this happened? — Beth

Matt Roush: First off, a move to NBC is neither likely nor probable, at least from where I sit. Still, NBC might find itself in a position to air some Galactica repeats in the interim, maybe this summer, as a cross-promotional stunt (we all know Galactica is better than almost anything on NBC's current lineup). But please don't ask me to analyze the scheduling practices of cable networks, be it Sci Fi, USA, FX, TNT, HBO or any of them. They run their original series in the oddest of patterns, and it's not unusual to have to wait months or almost a year between seasons. Sci Fi has spoiled us lately with a steady diet of Stargate and Galactica episodes spaced out in winter and summer runs.

But I'm figuring that this summer, Sci Fi will use the Stargate lead-in to launch a new series franchise, saving Galactica for fall, since it has already proven itself more than capable of drawing a healthy and loyal audience during the regular season. Seven months is a long wait, but no longer than we wait between seasons of great FX shows, not to mention HBO. But not only would Galactica's move to NBC be a disaster creatively, because we all know how gutless the networks' execs can be (witness: The Book of Daniel), but Galactica's ratings, though perfectly fine by cable standards, would likely suffer by network expectations. Any move that would make Galactica look less than a triumph is not acceptable.

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  1. Alright, alright, I'll shut up with the conspiracy theories now. :)