Monday, April 03, 2006

BSG writer/producer Bradley Thompson Interview

iF Magazine, which profiled Tahmoh two months ago, has a new two-part interview with Bradley Thompson, one of the key writers behind Galactica. The whole interview is vaguely spoilery for Season 3. Helo rates a few mentions, though his role in S3 doesn't come up.

"Exclusive Profile: Battlestar Galactica Writer/Producer Bradley Thompson Reveals Season 3 Plans"

In Part 1:

Now that season two has wrapped and scripts are being turned in for season three, Thompson took time out from writing to talk to iF about his connection with the original series, plans for season three and the possibility of Starbuck having a Cylon lover.

In Part 2:

Thompson talks about killing off Pegasus' command crew, using the actors as great resources, and Laura Roslin’s destiny outside of the Presidency.
See Tahmoh's interview with IF Magazine.

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