Monday, April 03, 2006

Cold Squad to air in the US this fall

With the success of DaVinci's Inquest in the US, Program Partners has acquired syndication rights to Cold Squad, selling it as part of their "Crime Watch" package to US stations. Set to premiere in Fall 2006, as of this week the show has been sold to 70% of the US market.

See if it will be available in your area by looking at the press releases.

See the Cold Squad summary page (with a promotional video).

Here's a Variety article about Cold Squad and the "Crime Watch" syndicated programming.

"The Canuck-originated series are designed to air in primetime on weekends, replacing down-trending movie showcases on UPN, the WB and Fox, or in latenight on Big Three affiliates....

To give stations programming and scheduling flexibility, Program Partners will provide Crime Watch affils a choice of satellite feeds, with two different episodes of "Cold Squad" and one of "Stone Undercover" available each week."
Can't wait til the fall! New Battlestar and eventually some Cold Squad.

New poll at right. Will you watch Cold Squad?


  1. My area is on the list, so game on!

    (see, I was good.)

  2. Awesome! Atlanta is on the list. I love Cold Case, which is based on this show. Wonder if they will be showing the episodes in chronological order?

  3. Not sure if the eps will be in chronological order. I'm torn about that since Tahmoh didn't appear until the last season. If they show them in order it'll be a longer wait to see Tahmoh's eps, but it'd be nice to see them in order...

  4. I wish I didn't live in the U.K *sigh*

  5. Well I'll be posting caps from the episodes, which might help a little. Plus the show airing in the US will increase the chances of DVD release (and also of people posting torrents). Or some UK channel could pick up the show in syndication too...

    Here's hoping.