Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Details emerge about Galactica's third season

Shooting began this week on the first episode of season three, written by Ron Moore. For those eager for news of what's to come, a flurry of details has emerged to ease the long wait until October. While I won't post the spoilers to the site, I'd suggest you check out the links below:

Don't follow these links unless you want major spoilers!

Gateworld has posted a partial summary of events in the S3 premiere, "Occupation."

Tidbits about the second episode, "Precipice," and the events of the first several are known thanks to Koenigrules on the Subject2Discussion podcast. A summary of these spoilers can be found over at The Secret Cylon.
For those curious, there are no spoilers about Helo in the above posts.

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