Thursday, April 13, 2006

Pic of Tahmoh in this week's Entertainment Weekly

In its article about Tori Spelling, "Blonde on Blonde," Entertainment Weekly #872 reproduces a promotional photo from the Lifetime TV movie, Hush, in which Tahmoh also starred.

The magazine had this to say about Hush:

Hush (2005, Lifetime)

Spelling went back to her thriller roots with this screamfest about a newlywed struggling to get pregnant. Things get campy when her husband's psychotic ex-girlfriend steals her frozen egg.

''There's a line in so noTORIous when I'm flustered and forgetting my lines and [my friend] Janey says, 'How do you forget ''He killed my mother, he killed my cat?''' That was an actual line from Hush. I begged them to not make me say that.''
Which unfortunately makes Tahmoh's character out to be psychotic. The actual line was "She killed my mother, she killed my cat?" Dr. Noah harms no animals in the flick. Not that it really matters...

Read more about Hush in the Career News Archive.


  1. Dr. Noah is being wrongly accused! I’m eight ways to appalled.

    (Never you mind the fact that I was cheering for Dr. Noah to run off with the crazy cat killing psycho. They had TEH chemistry.)

  2. I am so glad someone else actually said what I thought. The movie was pretty painful to begin with and the chemistry between TP and Tori Spelling was pretty nonexistant. I think the dead cat may have written the script.

  3. Heh.

    I don't think anyone could have saved that script. Embracing the camp is key. :)

    Ah, Lifetime.

  4. I havnt seen this yet, but I want to. It sounds like one of those so bad its good movies...

  5. Hey. does anyone know where I can gety a transcript of this movie?

  6. i refuse to see this movie. it sounds painfully embarrasing. i couldn't watch tahmoh in it.

  7. Bethany, I doubt there's a transcript online. However Lifetime reruns it every couple of months, so you should be able to catch it...

    I think it falls more under the category of "so bad it's good" than under "painfully embarrasing". It was Tahmoh's first lead role in a movie and he gives a fine performance. Nearly every succesful actor on television has a cheesy TV movie in their filmography. But obviously no one is forcing anyone to see it. Heh.

  8. "He killed my mother, he killed my cat". That's brillaint. I have to put that on a banner or something..

    Oh, and Justine I live in the UK. Apparrently I missed it on hallmark a couple of months ago, so Im just waiting for it to come on again.