Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Ron Moore answers fan questions

BSG executive producer and writer, Ron Moore, has posted a new series of questions and answers to his Battlestar blog.

Several questions relate to Helo and Sharon. Mild spoilers for Season 3.

"Are you going to destroy Sharon and Helo's relationship or give it a stronger foundation? From my POV, Sharon's reactions and actions are consistent with the Sharon we met on Caprica. I'm not particularly mushy, but this very human story is one of the primary reasons I watch the show. That this Sharon might have PPD and PTSS is reasonable and I hope that when we see her in the Season three she will be healed and moving foward with her life outside the cage. This fan doesn't care how she gets out of the cage as long as she does."

Their relationship will continue to grow and evolve. That's not to say it won't have the ups and downs of any relationship, but we're not looking to destroy it. The issue of the cage, what she's been doing in it, and what her future is will be dealt with in the first couple of episodes.

"Are you planning a Sharon swap? Will you swap AdorablyCylonCagedSharon with DownloadedMosesBoomer in terms of which Sharon will be onboard Galactica for the duration of the series? I pray you don't sacrifice one Sharon for another. I've never confused the two versions of Sharon and I believe you and your writing staff can make room for them both of them."

I'm happy with the fact that we crossed each Sharon over into the other world and I'm not planning to reswap them again. There's also no plan at the moment to destory either one.
Read the full Q&A.

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