Thursday, May 11, 2006

Cannes screening date set for Stanley’s Girlfriend

According to the recently announced Cannes Festival schedule, Tahmoh's film Stanley's Girlfriend (part of the horror anthology film, Trapped Ashes) will screen in the Salle Bunuel on May 25th.

Thursday, May 25 @ 19.45 (7:45 pm) - Short Film program

THE WATER DIARY de Jane Campion 17'
SIDA de Gaspar Noé 19'
UN LEVER DE RIDEAU de François Ozon 30'
STANLEY’S GIRLFRIEND de Monte Hellman 27'
LES SIGNES de Eugène Green 32'
Hopefully some critical responses in the press will follow.

If you want to see my previous posts on Stanley's Girlfriend or Trapped Ashes, I encourage you to use the "search this blog" box at the top of this page. Google owns Blogger and so the search function is quite good--and more reliable than my hand-indexing of posts in the archive.

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