Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Park and Helfer at NBC Universal Summer Press Day

Okay, this is only tangentially Tahmoh related, but we're in a bit of a news lull. Grace Park (Sharon) and Tricia Helfer (Number Six) took part in a Battlestar Galactica Q&A at the recent NBC Universal Summer Press Day (May 5).

This picture from the event was just too cute and silly not to include:

They talked about cylons, the show's critical acclaim, fan fiction and being recognized. They also described a couple upcoming scenes in Season 3.

Battlestar Galactica Cylons Speak
A Q&A with Tricia Helfer and Grace Park.

Q: And what is the next step?

Park: That's what I've been stuck with right now! It's funny because I was on the plane with Ron Moore on the way here, and I was like "What do you see for my character?" And he was kind of lost, and I was like, "It's kind of funny because I'm sort of lost. I was sort of looking at my character to maybe give me some ideas." And he's like, "So the responsibility lies on me to help shape your life?" I'm like, "Yeah, pretty much!" Then he's like, "Well, I was drawing on the actress." And I'm like, "Oh, so you're looking to me to provide you with a storyline." Yeah, I'm not sure what the next step is exactly. I think that's one of the exciting things about it.


  1. Grace park is looking really skinny nowadys isn't she?

  2. Yes she is. But she is still the ultimate Cylon Beauty!

    And as they say, you can never be too thin or too cool!

  3. I love that red cast to Tricia's hair...