Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Director Hellman reacts to Cannes news

Fangoria's report that Tahmoh's movie, Stanley's Girlfriend, will screen at Cannes includes reactions from the writer, Dennis Bartok, and director of the short film, Monte Hellman.

For Cannes to showcase a genre piece is quite an accomplishment, and Bartok is jazzed. “It's a pretty amazing honor for them to show one of the episodes, and Monte is thrilled!” he says. “As he put it, ‘I’ve been making art movies for 40 years and never got invited to Cannes. So I make a f**king low-budget horror movie and what happens? Cannes wants me!’ ” Bartok further notes that they’ll also be selling the film in the festival’s marketplace, “so hopefully the screening will help generate some good visibility for our movie.”
The article also includes a summary of the film.

Fangoria: TRAPPED ASHES to premiere at Cannes

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