Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Part 3 of the BSG Writer's Room podcast

The conclusion to the Galactica writer's room podcast with Ron Moore and the rest of the staff is available from scifi.com. I finally got to listen to it and so here's a brief rundown.

Ron Moore spends about the first 15 minutes discussing his commute and what it's like to work on the Universal lot (including his youthful memories of visiting, his experience at Paramount and his penchant for riding the Jurassic Park roller coaster when he gets writer's block).

Then the whole staff meeting unfolds. They discuss the back half of Season 2 (215-220), including the clip show that never came to be. None of the episodes they describe turned out exactly as they were originally conceived. They didn't know what to do with Billy, the election or Sharon's baby.

Perhaps most interesting is you can hear Ron Moore come up with and develop what became episdoe 218 "Downloaded" during the podcast.

Unlike the first two parts, I'd say this one is potentially spoilery for Season 3. They discuss a number of ideas that never came to fruition in S2 and so potentially may figure into the plot down the line.

Download part 3 of the BSG writer's meeting.

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