Thursday, May 04, 2006

Have a Question for Grace Park?

The actress behind Helo's leading lady, Sharon, is taking fan questions over on the Scifi World forum. She's already answered a slew of questions.

Ask Grace Park.

Q. It must be hard to play someone with so much ambiguity if you are uncertain about where her heart lies!!!

A. it is vveeerrryy ambiguous and confusing, for all of us, including me and even the producers and directors. i am not given any idea where my character is coming from, unless i can nail down Ron Moore or David Eick in their office or over a drink out with the cast. there is defiinitely a lot of speculating, connecting my own dots, discussions with other cylons (ie. Tricia), Tahmoh and sometimes the director just tells me what to do.
Don't forget Tahmoh's interview with Sci-fi Brain should appear online soon, so some of your questions for Tahmoh may be answered.

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