Monday, July 10, 2006

Poll Results: Helo's Most Dramatic Moment

For the past month, visitors have been voting on Helo's most dramatic moment in the series so far, now the results are in:

  1. TIE (24% each) - Helo's confrontation with Adama over aborting Hera: "I'm a father, like you." AND Helo's final scene with Sharon in LDYB: "I love you! And I'm not giving up this frakkin' easy!"
  2. Trying to stop Sharon from being raped (20%).
  3. TIE (9% each) - Telling Boomer to go in the mini: "Look at those clouds, Sharon, and tell me this isn't the end of everything." AND His confrontation with Apollo over Sharon: "Drop your weapon, sir!"
I wonder if including quotes from those scenes influenced the voting. Hmm. In any case, Helo promises to have many more dramatic moments to come. He and Sharon certainly have a rocky road ahead of them and their discovery that Hera is alive should be especially wrenching.

The rest of the results for your perusal:

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