Sunday, July 09, 2006

Q&A with Need for Speed: Carbon producer

A Q&A with Need for Speed: Carbon Executive Producer Larry LaPierre has been posted to Electronic Arts official site. Tahmoh will play Darius in the upcoming XBox 360 game (Fall 2006).

Give us an overview of Need for Speed™ Carbon. What's the overall premise of the game?

Larry LaPierre: In NFS Carbon, our hero from Need for Speed™ Most Wanted returns back home to Palmont city only to find out things have changed. He has been framed for a race that went wrong, rival street racing gangs have taken over, and like any good conflict, it has to be settled on the streets in their cars.

A battle for control of the city takes on even greater danger when the races move out to the Canyons.

Location has had a huge impact in past NFS games. What can you say about the "world" in NFS Carbon?

LL: NFS carbon takes place in Palmont City. It is heavily influenced by a west coast/Sante Fe vibe mixed with a bit of over the top Vegas glitz, all nestled in the California hills. It's vibrant, colorful and alive.
Read the rest of the Q&A.

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