Tuesday, August 22, 2006

The clothes from the Maxim photo shoot

Not surprisingly, the photos in the actual magazine are far nicer than the scans--definitely worth checking out. You can also make out the captions better, so in case you were wondering, here's what Tahmoh was wearing:

[LEFT] Battlestar Galactica's Tahmoh Penikett wears an Airforce sweater jacket, $125, by Calvin Klein Jeans; button-up shirt, $38, by Van Heusen; and a silk tie, $135, by Valentino.

[RIGHT] Tahmoh Penikett wears a washed lambskin zip-front sweater, $698, by John Varvatos; mock V-neck sweater, $145, by Lenor Romano; silver buckle, $365, on stingray strap, $370, by Pat Areias; Covert twill two-pleat trousers, $70, by Claiborne, and Hoop rubber dipped distressed military boots, $398, by DDC Lab.

[LEFT] Tahmoh Penikett wears a Japanese paper hand-knit circle sweater, $1,980, by Issey Miyake; sheer jersey scarf, $15, by American Apparel; New Rocker oiled denim trousers, $225, by CK39; and leather ankle boots, $495, by Emporio Armani.

Tahmoh wore both the most expensive item in the shoot ($1,980 sweater) and the least ($15 scarf). I'm not going to provide links for everything as I'm not that interested, but the scarf is available online here.


  1. Hot damn...those are some expensive threads! And what the heck is a "Japanese paper hand-knit circle sweater"? Is the sweater actually made of paper?? But, then I read ISSEY MIYAKE after that and thought, Now I know why it's SO expensive!

  2. This only proves that I must take Project Runway much more seriously... that sweater costs more than my TV!