Sunday, August 13, 2006

Mini-report from Timeless Destinations

Thanks to an anonymous visitor to the site, we have some news on Tahmoh's appearance two weeks ago at Timeless Destinations:

Saw Tahmoh Penikett @ the Timeless Destinations convention. Was good, intimate to begin with, only ~20 people initially but the numbers swelled to ~ 45 before his time was up. We were all a little groggy because we had been going to the con morning and the evenings had various events. There were a few comments on pranks on set.

They were just finishing the first part of the new season and were going to take a small, ~ one month break from shooting and I think he said he could be on his way to Prague Czech Republic for a short film there. Don't remember all the details but it was fun, especially as there were just a few of us there initally.
Anyone else who went please share what you remember! Thanks to anonymous for this report.

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