Friday, September 22, 2006

New profile for Helo at (& new site poll)

Scifi has redesigned their Battlestar webpage and updated the info for the upcoming season. Helo gets a new photo and a new character description:

Sharon Valerii's former ECO (Electronic Countermeasures Officer) and fellow Raptor pilot (callsign "Helo") was stranded on Cylon-occupied Caprica after the initial attack. There, he met another copy of Sharon, fell in love with her, and eventually returned with her to the Galactica to await the birth of their child, Hera. Recently promoted to executive officer of the Galactica, he struggles to balance his very real loyalty to humanity's fight for survival with his equally real love for the Cylon mother of his child.
Confirmation that Helo will be Galactica's XO at the start of the season.

We're going to overlook the fact that the actor description for Tahmoh hasn't changed and is inaccurate (he wasn't in TAKEN).

The photo seems to be an outtake from the S3 promotional photo shoot. You can see the other new season 3 shots here. In looking through the high-res Helo promo shots I realized two things:

1) You can read his dogtags in some of the shots. Who the frak is "J" Helo? Wouldn't it make more sense to have his actual name ("Karl Agathon") on the tag?

Also you can read his serial number: 384162

2) The airbrushing monkies have been at work. Compare:

Hmm, time for a new poll.

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  1. Hmmmm...J Helo actually sounds like a word play on J-LO