Friday, October 13, 2006

"Exodus, Part 1" airs tonight plus a new poll!

Don't forget there's a new episode of Battlestar tonight at 9pm EST!

The Cylons have begun a brutal crackdown on New Caprica's nascent human Resistance movement. With time running out for the colonists, Admiral Adama must launch his rescue attempt earlier than he'd expected. But though he expected a fight from the Cylons, he is unprepared for the one he gets from his son, Lee, who refuses to let the battlestar Pegasus join the Galactica's suicidal attack.
Two weeks ago I asked how people felt about these two promo photos (one airbrushed, one not):

The results are in and the vote was basically split. People tended to prefer one over the other, but not consistently.

On a similar note (and as tonight's episode hasn't aired yet), Helo's new hairstyle in Season 3 has certainly has provoked alot of fan comment. So... which hair do you prefer?

  1. Shorter, cropped military look.
  2. Slightly longer, Caesar cut.

1 comment:

  1. You know, I have to see I would prefer a mix between the two. I think the loss of the widow's peak is really the only thing I regret in the new change. I'd like it fuller as it is now but with the widow's peak.