Thursday, October 12, 2006

New spoilery interview with Tahmoh at Dragon*Con

Grendy from Ain't it Cool News sat down with Tahmoh and Aaron Douglas for a long interview while they were guests at Dragon*Con. They spoke about season 3, spoilers, politics, muy-thai and encounters with fans. It's a long, interesting interview, but not for the spoiler wary.

The interview follows Herc's review of tonight's episode, so scroll down to the gray box to see it. Here's a brief excerpt about getting the job on BSG:

G- Do you like that Helo became such a fan favorite (his fans in the miniseries made it known that they liked him, so Moore et all brought him back for the series despite his being left to face nuclear holocaust, thus changing the whole storyline of the show) I mean, did you have to leave a job in order to start season 1?

T- I knew when I was in the miniseries that I would be dying. I'd accepted that. I die, you know? I didn't get to do too many scenes with the other actors. When I read the script I said wow… when I read the script, and I got to the part where I tell Sharon to leave me on the planet…

G- The big sacrifice

T- Yeah, the big sacrifice. I said wow, I gotta have this. It's mine. But the door was closed for me. (after that, as he'd been left on-planet) I got a lot of nice compliments in the end. "I really liked your work." etc… But the thing about this business is you don't put any weight on that until you have your contract. And even then, a couple of days in, then you can start celebrating the fact that you're there. The reality of it.

I had gone on after the miniseries and gotten a regular supporting lead on Cold Squad. It was huge, and I was really excited about it. So it finished, and I was in LA for pilot season. Funny story: I was in LA for pilot season. I had a terrible audition. One of the worst of my life, and the casting director was a complete dick. And I was going: I can't believe I've been getting away with this for so long, because I can't act. I've been pulling a fast one over everyone, it's horrible. And I get home and get a call from the executive director of Cold Squad and it's like "Sorry buddy, we're done." as the show had been cancelled. The only thing that made me happy when I had that bad audition was 'well, at least I have Cold Squad' and it was a week later that Ron Moore called me up and said he's got an idea for the storyline. So I am a very lucky guy.

Aaron pipes up with "Cold Squad is the original show that Cold Case ripped off. Just wanted to point that out. (insert tone of Canadian pride here)

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