Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Message from Tahmoh to the fans

Ron Moore and his wife Terry hosted a dinner party for many of the BSG cast members last night. While at the party, Tahmoh left a message on the Galactica Sci-fi message boards for the fans:

Nov 29 2006, 02:33 AM

Hello everyone, it's tahmoh here. I've just finished an incredible meal that the lovely Mrs.Ron cooked. We're now enjoying some red wine and reflecting on our conversation last night. I hope you guys enjoy the blog, we had a great time doing it.
I just wanted to thank all of the fans again for being with us the last three and half years. The support, compliments and feedback have been incredible and insightful.
I'm going to get back to my wine now. Be well.

They apparently also recorded an episode podcast, more on that tomorrow.

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