Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Tahmoh participates in two BSG cast podcasts

As Ron announced in his latest blog entry, he and his wife Terry have hosted dinner parties the past two nights with Galactica cast members. The first night, the attendees were:

  • Jamie B.
  • James C.
  • Tahmoh P.
  • Mark Sheppard, a guest star in three yet to be aired eps.
  • Henry, a friend of Jamies from school.
  • Ron M.
  • Terry M.
After dinner they recorded a four-hour round-table discussion. Look for it to be posted in two parts; the sound quality is reportedly somewhat uneven, but hopefully Sci-fi will still post it.

Last night, some of the female cast made it too; Mary McDonnell, Grace Park, James Callis and Tahmoh had dinner with Ron and Terry. Then Grace and Tahmoh recorded a podcast for "Unfinished Business" (this Friday's episode).

Look for the podcasts to appear soon here.

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