Friday, December 01, 2006

Watch "Unfinished Business" tonight at 9pm EST

Don't forget Tahmoh recorded a special podcast with Grace Park (Sharon) to accompany tonight's episode!

"A rank-free boxing tournament aboard the Galactica is intended to help the officers and crew blow off steam, but it quickly drags old grudges into the light — including Apollo and Starbuck's lingering issues and resentments, which were spawned on New Caprica."
See a clip from tonight's episode thanks to AOL.

Read a very positive, spoilery review from the Chicago Tribune.

The show will repeat tonight at 11pm. It will also re-air on Monday, November 13th at 11:30 pm.

Download the podcast (featuring Tahmoh & Grace Park) for the episode here.

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    No idea where to post this to, but I figured, this is as good a place as any (since it lets me comment anonymously). In the link above, there's an opportunity to see the midseason finale in a movie theatre if you're in a few select cities, and *huge* spoilers up to the midseason. Do what you will with this info. :)