Thursday, November 30, 2006

Slate raves about Battlestar and Ron Moore

In a recent Slate article, Adam Rogers writes about Galactica and its writing staff, focusing particularly on the series of writer's room podcasts (for the S2 episode "Scar") that Sci-fi released this summer.

Captain's Log
Want to understand Battlestar Galactica? Eavesdrop on its writers.

"But actually hearing a producer of Moore's caliber work through the process is thrilling, because he relies on the improvisational qualities of the writers' room. Maybe he has no idea whether his human characters will ever find the (possibly mythical) Earth. It doesn't matter. He and his writers are building a world to live in, not a theory to unravel. It's a world that does more than transcend his show's silly title. It actually redeems it."
You can find the writer's podcasts here.

I blogged about the "Scar" writer's room podcasts four times. Thanks to the new tags, you can see all the posts here.

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