Monday, April 30, 2007

EW: Tahmoh should play Magneto in X-Men spinoff

Entertainment Weekly's PopWatch blog suggested today that Tahmoh should be cast as "Magneto," the title role in the just-announced "X-Men" spinoff in development from 20th Century Fox and Marvel Studios that centers on the villain played in the original trilogy by Ian McKellen.

Which young actor should be cast as 'Magneto'?
Apr 30, 2007, 11:48 AM | by Michael Slezak

I'm trying my hardest to resist the urge to use the word "neat-o!" (tragic, I know) to express my excitement about the announcement that the co-writer of Batman Begins is working on a script focusing on one of my favorite characters from my favorite sci-fi franchise. Yes, PopWatchers, David Goyer (who's also responsible for directing The Invisible) will write and direct Magneto, a neat-o an X-Men spinoff that looks at the character's villainous origins -- or more specifically, about how his quest to avenge the Nazis who put his parents in Auschwitz turned him into a seriously disreputable dood.

Now, as fantastic an actor as Ian McKellen is, I'm guessing he's probably not the right man to portray the twentysomething version of his popular character. If I were casting the film, I'd go with Battlestar Galactica's Tahmoh Penikett (pictured), a PopWatch favorite who's got the good looks and charisma of a big-screen leading man, and more importantly, can actually act. (And for those of you who'd disqualify him for being too old, let's keep in mind that in most Hollywood circles, 31 isn't past the cutoff point for playing a high-school senior.) Are you on board with Penikett, or is there another young actor you'd cast as Magneto? Send your memo to the film's casting folks in the comments section below.
If you like the idea, be sure to go comment in support over at EW!

Read the Variety announcement of Magneto.

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