Tuesday, May 01, 2007

[site news: a note on advertising]

You may have noticed the small new BizRate ad in the sidebar at right and this is just a note to explain why it's there. (I have nothing to do with the pop-up ads that occasionally appear on the site; those are added by Blogger).

Maintaining the site, while time-consuming, is fun and I'm not out to profit off of it. I'm merely trying to recoup some of the site's expenses (between $15-50 a month), which range from the domain name, image hosting, buying DVDs, magazines, etc. to reimbursing fans for mailing Tahmoh material in for the site.

Anyhoo, the good news is there are 3 free ways to support the site:

  1. Amazon links - if you're going to buy anything from Amazon, if you click one of the product links at right, I'll receive a small percentage (4%) and it'll cost you nothing. So if you're going to buy something anyway (even if it's not listed here), consider clicking through from this page.
  2. BizRate - if you're going to price compare already...
  3. Participate! - share your Tahmoh photos, submit news, add yourself to our frappr map, vote in the poll, email me or comment!
Most importantly, thanks to Antony for covering the expenses of the domain name and Un4scene for hosting the site's banner and Northern Lights.

Finally, if you'd like to do more to support the site (or just want the ads gone), I've added a PayPal donate button at right as well. I'm not deadset on having ads forever, but it seemed the best solution for the moment...

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