Tuesday, April 03, 2007

First Season 7 episode of Cold Squad airs in US

The episode introduces Tahmoh as an ambitious young cop who wants to be a detective. In an amusing Battlestar connection, the head detective Matthew Bennett (the cylon Aaron Doral on BSG) isn't so keen on the idea and blows Tahmoh's character, Ray Chase, off.

Just a warning, in NYC/Boston at least the ABC affiliates are inconsistent on the timeslots they air Cold Squad in. I only got the first half of the episode as The Color Purple late night airing ran over... Anyone get the whole episode? (I also only have it on VHS at the moment, so these screenshots are retro... I'll make more/better ones when/if I get a better copy of the episode).

Here's the episode description from TV.com:

86. No Life Like It
First aired: 9/4/2004 Production Code: 86

When the sister of a murder victim from a case Ali worked on years before is found dead in an alleyway behind a strip club, Ali investigates the murder even though she's not officially on the police force.
For more on Cold Squad, see my previous posts.

For a list of stations airing the series in US, go here. (It's sold to 96 of the top 100 US markets, so hopefully somewhere near you...).

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