Sunday, April 01, 2007

Update on The Green Chain (with poster)

The movie about the Canadian logging industry, in which Tahmoh and fellow BSG cast member Tricia Helfer star, is nearing completion. The director, Mark Leiren-Young, reports on the film's blog:

"The editing is done... and now it's all there except for the audio mix, which is happening in early April. And then it's time to send this out to festivals and start linking this chain to the rest of the world. Coming soon to a theatre near you..."
Here's the poster for the film:

To keep up with the latest, be sure to visit the movie's website, MySpace or Blogspot blog. A recent post highlights all the film's Battlestar connections:
Tricia and Tahmoh are the two Canadian actors that Battlestar's Executive Producer David Eick recently raved about as the show's breakout discoveries in a recent interview in Reel West Magazine (that'd be the same mag that featured Tricia and me on the cover)....

"Tahmoh is quite a success story because he was a day player for the miniseries and he was so compelling in the role and such a natural star we recreated the role when we were trying to convince the network to give us a series order."

The Green Chain's executive producer, Donna Wong-Juliani, has her own Battlestar connection. Her son, Alessandro, plays Lt. Felix Gaeta -- one of the show's most idealistic characters.... When we were casting and wanted to find out whether Tricia and Tahmoh were good to work with, it was Alessandro who assured us they were amazing.
To see my previous posts on The Green Chain, including photos of Tahmoh & Tricia and the Reel West feature article mentioned above, click here.


  1. Hey Tahmoh,

    It's Mel McCollum wondering how you're doing these days? I'm finally making it over to Vancouver for my first night out in about 3 years. Jamie's playing at the lotus on Thursday night and I'd love to see you there. Hope you can make it.

  2. Hi Mel,

    Sorry to say it, but I doubt that Tahmoh will get your message as he's not really affiliated with this site. Your best bet would be to call him.