Friday, April 20, 2007

Tahmoh in upcoming Smallville ep, "Prototype"

Thanks to Sophie for the heads up that Tahmoh will guest star on an upcoming episode of Smallville this May. The episode, "Prototype" (6.21), is scheduled to air on Thursday, May 10th on the CW.

Spoilers for Smallville below!

Here is the latest information on the episode, thanks to KryptonSite!

In "Prototype", it seems Senator Burke has been pushing billions to LexCorp for a project called 'Ares' (which if you know your Greek mythology, and who doesn't, Ares is the son of Zeus). Burke finds out that Lex wants to make multiple Ares instead of delivering the prototype. He threatens to cutoff funding and Lex threatens to expose how much money is in the Senator's Cayman account. Later, while Lois is confronting the Senator in front of a restaurant about his Cayman account, he is killed along with his bodyguards by an unseen force. It seems Lex's prototype has escaped...

Earlier in the season, in an episode titled "Nemesis," Lex Luthor has in his custody a former special ops agent named Wes Keenan. Could Wes Keenan be this super "prototype" that is hinted at?

Thanks to Celebrity Photo Blog for the images. See their post for super high-res versions and the 4 other non-Tahmoh promotional photos from the episode. You can also find high-res CW watermarked high-res images from the episode here.

Notably, Tahmoh has already appeared on Smallville, as "Vince" in "Resurrection" (3.15):

Watch clips of his appearance here and see screencaps here.

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