Saturday, April 21, 2007

Trick ’r Treat teaser poster & set visit

Trick 'r Treat writer (& BSG fan), Mike Doughtery, added a new teaser poster for the upcoming film, which stars Tahmoh as "Henry," to his myspace page. The poster for the R-rated Halloween flick looks suitably creepy.

In other Trick 'r Treat news, Dreadcentral just posted a report about their visit to the film's set, including an interview with Doughtery and much of the production staff.

The plots for all four have been online for a while, but the actual meaning behind them has not. "One of the stories is very much about the Halloween of your childhood, dealing with your parents, not being old enough to trick or treat necessarily," producer Alex Garcia explained during our tour of the set tour, "Another is the Halloween of adolescence where you’re probably too old to be tick or treating but you’re out anyway; you may get into trouble, you may not. The next is the Halloween of your 20s and 30s when it’s very much about sex, then we get into the Halloween of Mr. Kreeg (played by veteran Brian Cox), the old man who hates the holidays."
The article also features new stills from the movie (though none of Tahmoh).

Read more about Trick 'r Treat here (including interviews with Tahmoh).

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