Thursday, May 10, 2007

First look at Helo action figure due out this summer

Thanks to Jason for the heads up that Diamond Select Toys has just announced its exclusive Helo figure:

Renowned internet retailer Action Figure Xpress will partner with DST to produce an exclusive Battlestar Galactica action figure featuring the skilled officer and occasional hot-head – Helo! So he married a Cylon… can you blame him?

Sculpted by Jean St. Jean and featuring 20 points of articulation, this exclusive action figure will be available through Action Figure Xpress’ online store Karl “Helo” Agathon was originally going to fade into obscurity after his appearance in the critically-acclaimed miniseries, however became a recurring character thanks to fan appeal. Now this fan-favorite can be a part of your collection!

Scheduled for release late this summer, the debut assortment of Battlestar Galactica action figures will feature Lee “Apollo” Adama in flight gear, the snarky Hotdog (available as this wave’s chase figure) and two versions of the sultry Six featuring both her red dress and Caprica Six outfits. Fans of the series should expect one or two more surprises before the August release date – including news of two more characters joining the Series 1 line-up!


  1. In reply to my inquiries, DiamondSelectToys and ActionFigureXpress are both expressing assurances that the figure will look more like Helo and that they are aware this prototype does not resemble him much. But it wouldn't hurt to send some feedback to Diamond to ensure that they are aware that changes would be appreciated! Write to customerservice@

  2. I wrote to them and they wrote back, assuring me that the sculpt is good and it's just the paint job that sucks. They said they'd post an updated pic in a day or so. And yes, it's nothing like Tahmoh. My theory is that the artist used a pic of LSO Kelly by mistake.

  3. Addendum; the pic of Helo on the website now says "Prototype Only" so there must have been quite a few complaints!!

  4. Hopefully there will be more, because as anyone who buys figures knows, the "bad paint job" excuse is a euphemism for "we aren't going to change the sculpt even though it would take a master painter to fix this mess." There's just no way a team of underpaid Chinese laborers are going to somehow come to the rescue.

  5. DST and AFX have updated their photos. It looks better now. Could be mistaken for Apollo, but it is much closer to Helo now.