Friday, May 11, 2007

Smallville "Prototype" Reviews and Screencaps

Tahmoh guest starred in last night's episode of Smallville on the CW. Here are a couple screen caps and early reviews. I'll post more later. (See other photos/screencaps here.)

Here's what the critics had to say:

  • TV Guide
    "This was just the episode that needed to happen before next week's finale. In fact, I wish Smallville had strung together more episodes like this one to end the season... I enjoyed the prototype that was simply a glorified pawn in Lex's (not so) top-secret project..."
  • Buddy TV
    "How to create the perfect Smallville episode. First cast the amazing Helo from Battlestar Galactica Tahmoh Penikett in the role of an involuntarily meteor infused super baddy with Clark like abilities, and a few more. "
  • TV Squad
    "Ares is Helo from Battlestar Galactica! Tahmoh Penikett is a terrific actor who lives in Vancouver, where both Smallville and Battlestar Galactica are shot... Ares turned out to not only be a nice foe for Clark to deal with (and possibly see again in the future?) but he also showed some subterfuge with Lex, a senator and Lana. He also had a tied to Lois that was an interesting subplot, and managed to give Ares / Wes a sense of humanity."

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