Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Moore & Eick on the final season of Battlestar

Last Friday, Ron Moore and David Eick participated in a press conference call to discuss their decision to conclude Galactica's storylines during the upcoming season. Several media outlets have posted transcripts and summaries.

[On whether they have enough time to wrap up the series.]

Moore: It just felt like yeah, this was really the right time. In terms of, have we had enough time [to tell the stories they wanted to tell], I feel like we have. We really start taking our cues from the story itself, and it just feels like the story has moved forward aggressively, and that’s one of the things I’m proud of about the series – [it’s] unafraid to take risks and unafraid to move strongly forward instead of trying to tread water. And it just feels like the momentum of the series is now moving toward the conclusion.
Was it easier breaking the stories for this season since it’s the last?

Moore: The burden became having a great deal to wrap up and bring resolution to, and we wanted to pay off a lot of things and tie up a lot of loose threads. It felt like we had more than enough to get to where we were going, whereas usually when you’re facing the 20-episode order, it’s like “We need 20 of these? Where are we going to get 20 of these?” You have to start breaking it down into smaller, bite-sized chunks and move yourself along. This time, it was like, “Let’s make sure we’ve got enough time to get everywhere we need to go.”

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