Monday, June 04, 2007

More on "Whistler" [2007]

In his interview with Kindreds last week, Tahmoh mentioned he'd recently guest starred for four episodes on the Canadian series, Whistler:

"It’s pretty much a Canadian OC, and it’s based in Whistler, one of the biggest ski resorts in the world just outside of Vancouver. It’s in the soap opera genre, and it’s very much like the OC. But the character I get to play in it is just incredible. I play this reclusive artist who’s an ex-junkie that’s become really quite famous, and I’m approached by one of the lead female characters played by Holly Dignard. She plays Nicole [Miller] who works for this big hotel chain and approaches me to donate a piece, and I’m straight-up a prick to her. Very, very anti-social and hot and cold with her. We have this tumultuous relationship that goes over what is now a four episodes.

I think the fans will be really happy with that. I know that they’ve made some kind of deal with an American network so it should be shown down there.

This is in the second season, and our story line is excellent. I haven’t seen a lot of Whistler, but it’s excellent. It was a great opportunity to work with Holly and just to play a completely different character that I really liked."

You may recognize Holly Dignard as Asha Janik, the member of the Demand Peace movement who sabotaged viper ammunition in the second season Battlestar Galactica episode "Epiphanies."

CTV just announced its 2007 fall schedule and Whistler Season 2 will air on Saturdays from 9pm to 10 pm.

As Tahmoh mentioned, the show will likely air in the US, as the US cable network The N has broadcast rights and already aired Season 1. Look for it to air in the fall, after its initial broadcast in Canada.

Good news for those without cable, last year The N posted the Season 1 episodes of Whistler online after they aired. Here's a description of the upcoming season:
Six months after the mystery of Beck’s death is solved, the McKayes, Varlands and Millers have put the pieces of their lives together and are ready to make a new start. Quinn McKaye steps out from his brother’s shadow to carve out a name for himself on the mountain, while his mother comes to terms with her past and earns a future for herself. The Varlands fight to overcome their dark history and regain control of Whistler, while the Millers make new discoveries that may upset the balance of power. The future looks bright, but what new secrets lie hidden beneath the snow? The truth is hard to find. In Whistler it’s just about impossible.

Video interview: Canada AM: Adam Harrington and Holly Dignard, stars of 'Whistler' 3:41

Watch the short webisodes that accompany each episode.

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  1. Thank you soooo much for the links to The Whistler websiodes. I watched all of season one when it aired (thanks to downloading) and I could never watch the webisodes that were on The-N channel website because I got the "you don't live in the USA, so you can't watch these" error message. But I can watch them on the link you provided. Thank you xoxox

  2. Tahmoh is absolutely right about Season Two of Whistler. It's really an incredible show and even more so this season than in season one when it was primarily a murder mystery. This season, the show will concentrate more on the characters. I bet Tahmoh has a great part too.

    I am also going to be a guest star on the series this coming year in an episode that will air after Tahmoh's. Working for the Whistler production was amazing. I did meet Holly and she is both an inspiring actor and a very nice person too. I got to work with Amanda Crew who plays Holly's sister Carrie.

    I've been a huge fan of the series, even before I got to work on it, so Tahmoh's comments are really great. I'm glad he enjoyed his time on Whistler and it sounds like he had as much fun with his character as I did with mine.

    I'm looking forward to seeing him on the show and comparing it with his work on Battlestar. It should be quite different.

    If I'm lucky, I hope someday to be able to work with him as well.

    Drew Finnie