Friday, August 31, 2007

More positive buzz for Tahmoh’s part in Trapped Ashes

Tahmoh's horror anthology film, Trapped Ashes, is currently screening in Chicago (August 31 - Sept. 6th), which has generated some more positive buzz for Tahmoh's segment of the film, "Stanley's Girlfriend." Though the surrounding film tends to get poor reviews, all the critics thus far have praised "Stanley's Girlfriend."

Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune movie critic

"Most rewarding and subtle of the bunch, "Stanley's Girlfriend" takes itself just seriously enough to stick; Monte Hellman treats this McCarthy-era tale of studio ambition and betrayal with a sense of style."
Derek Houck,
"Directed by Monte Hellman, this segment was a lot more down-to-earth. It featured decent performances from all involved and ended up being my favorite story of the four."
Bill Stamets, Chicago Sun-Times movie critic
"Hellman, of "Two-Lane Blacktop" fame, gets a marginally intriguing premise in Bartok's yarn of a young Kubrick-like director named "Stanley" who hands off his ageless vampish muse to his chess-playing pal. Yuks and chills do not abound."
Read more positive buzz for "Stanley's Girlfriend," which screened at Cannes last year, here and here.

Here's the schedule of upcoming theatrical engagements:

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