Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Review of The Green Chain & Vancouver Festival news

The collective blog Indyish recently reviewed The Green Chain at its Montreal premiere:

"The film is a genre-bending journey that can in all truth fit into any of the following categories: character piece, documentary, dramedy, dark comedy, indie, artsy… Oh, forget it! The list is too long! Let me just state for the record that this film is one worth seeing....

The film takes you deep into the longstanding (so much that it’s almost stereotypical) conflict between loggers and environmentalists and sits you face-to-face with opinions from connected individuals you might not have even thought of. The cast includes some of Canada’s most talented actors...."

Read the full review here.

Director Mark Leiren-Young also blogged about the film's premiere at The Green Chain blog. More positive buzz from a Myspace user here.

In other festival news, the Vancouver International Film Festival Sneak Peek Guide is now available (PDF). Here are the entries of the two films featuring Tahmoh and a first look at the poster for Taming Tammy:

Taming Tammy (Canada, 78 min.)
This spirited modern-day adaptation of The Taming of the Shrew is a romantic comedy from Tracy D. Smith about Tammy, a feisty sex-toy party organizer who is happily single—much to her ailing father’s dismay. An entertaining secret scheme is soon orchestrated to find Tammy a match...

The Green Chain (Canada, 87 min.)
These seven monologues from different perspectives on the logging industry and the environment will challenge your perspective regardless of your stance. Writer/director Mark Leiren-Young presents a nuanced and engaging look at one of BC’s biggest and most controversial industries.

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