Monday, October 22, 2007

Tahmoh's arc on Whistler starts this Saturday

Tahmoh will guest-star in the next 4 episodes of the Canadian TV series, Whistler, the first of which will air this Saturday Oct. 27 at 9pm ET on CTV in Canada. Look for screencaps and clips here after it airs.

Tahmoh will play Elias Noth, an artist and love interest for Holly Dignard's Nicole Miller (pictured). Here's the official description of Tahmoh's part in Saturday's episode (205, "Passion Plays"):

"Nicole uses a charity art auction at the resort as an excuse to meet a local artist she admires, Elias Noth, only to discover that he's not only brilliant and talented but also a drop-dead gorgeous pain-in-the-butt. Nicole turns on the charm to secure a donation for the auction, but in spite of his acerbic attitude what she wants is much more than art."
The next three upcoming episodes are:
  • 206 - "Always A Bridesmaid" (Nov. 3)
  • 207 - "Out Of Bounds" (Nov. 10)
  • 208 - "Crossroads" (Nov. 17)
Tahmoh talked about the role earlier this summer:
"It’s pretty much a Canadian OC, and it’s based in Whistler, one of the biggest ski resorts in the world just outside of Vancouver. It’s in the soap opera genre, and it’s very much like the OC. But the character I get to play in it is just incredible. I play this reclusive artist who’s an ex-junkie that’s become really quite famous, and I’m approached by one of the lead female characters played by Holly Dignard. She plays Nicole [Miller] who works for this big hotel chain and approaches me to donate a piece, and I’m straight-up a prick to her. Very, very anti-social and hot and cold with her. We have this tumultuous relationship that goes over what is now a four episodes.

I think the fans will be really happy with that. I know that they’ve made some kind of deal with an American network so it should be shown down there.

This is in the second season, and our story line is excellent. I haven’t seen a lot of Whistler, but it’s excellent. It was a great opportunity to work with Holly and just to play a completely different character that I really liked.
As Tahmoh mentions, the US network The-N has secured US distribution rights, but has not yet added the show's second season to its schedule.

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