Thursday, November 29, 2007

Cold Squad "No Life Like It" (701) screencaps

As requested (see poll at right), here are some screencaps from Tahmoh's first episode of the Canadian crime drama, Cold Squad (see previous posts on the series here).

I reviewed this episode, "No Life Like It" earlier this year, but I've now added 100+ new screencaps to the site's Flickr. So you can follow along, here are some basic plot details:

Cold Squad, "No Life Like It" (#86)
Season 7 - Episode 1
First Aired: September 4, 2004

In the season premiere, Tahmoh's character is introduced as Constable Ray Chase, a cocky, ambitious young beat cop who's aiming to be a detective. Unfortunately for him, the detectives are having none of it, so his go-getting doesn't get him very far. Matthew Bennett (Doral on BSG), who plays the lead detective Len Harper, is especially hard on him.

Ray's winning personality (and um, cute face), however, work wonders with a key witness he brings in, forcing the detectives to let him in on the case. In the episode, we also learn that Ray apparently went to law school for three years.

Cold Squad is syndicated in the US. So check your local listings!

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