Tuesday, November 27, 2007

High-res photos and article from BSG Digital Press Tour

Aced Magazine (like Yahoo, see post below) held the cast interviews and photos from the Battlestar Digital Press Tour earlier in the summer until the Razor premiere this last weekend.
Aced's cast interview article includes a long quote from Tahmoh about his love for Galactica, as well as a lot of high-res set and cast photos.

Fellow actor, Tahmoh Penikett, who portrays Karl Agathon, says about the show, "This is my favorite show on television, obviously I am biased, but it is. I know that last year, some of Michael Hogan's work touched me so deeply that—especially in the court scene—he had this moment where he was being pressed and he breaks, and he looks at Adama...

"I talked about that for weeks...I thought about it for weeks...it just broke me. I literally was weeping when I saw that. Just that connection...he was completely mad and he had this switch, and he looked at Adama, his best friend, and he just—he admitted it—it was so horrible and so touching....but there's been so many moments like that throughout the series with so much of the cast," he recalls.

Read the full article (& see the rest of the photos).

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  1. He looks like such a big kid in the second picture, giggling to himself like children do! hahahaha