Thursday, November 22, 2007

New screencaps of Hush (2005)

Happy Thanksgiving to those in the US. To celebrate (and make up for the absence of Helo in Saturday's Razor), I've made dozens of new screencaps of the first 20 minutes of Tahmoh's 2005 Lifetime TV movie, Hush. Seemed appropriate with its themes of family and togetherness...

If you haven't seen the film before, be sure to check out previous posts on the subject: Hush (2005). As the Hush's not scheduled to air for a while, here's a brief recap of what happens in the first 20 minutes so you can follow along:

Young Noah (Tahmoh) helps abort his girlfriend Callie's (Victoria Pratt) baby. 10 years later, karmically, his wife Nina (Tori Spelling, above) can't get pregnant--in vitro time! Noah really wants Nina to get pregnant, so he does the packing for their move back to his hometown and into his old house. (Bye bye San Francisco and Nina's mom!). Noah and Nina think they may be pregnant--baby name time! Noah heads off to work (he's a doctor).

Nina meets Noah's ex, Callie, at the local diner. Nina finds out she isn't pregnant and tells Callie. Distraught, Nina says she won't go to the welcome party (though she does show up later). Noah goes and guess who he finds? Callie! Callie leaves a suggestive note in Noah's pocket. The next day, Noah tells Callie it's all over between them--she agrees (or does she?). Noah must feel guilty even so, because he brings Nina flowers. Or maybe he wanted to score, in any case, Nina doesn't seem too interested in the sex. And um Callie's watching from the yard, which Noah notices.

To be continued...
See all the Hush screencaps at the All.about.tahmoh Flickr page.

Lifetime recently redesigned its website and is now using the above photo of Tahmoh and Tori Spelling to promote the film, which has also recently appeared on DVD in Brazil with a different cover from the Australian version:

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