Monday, November 05, 2007

Screen caps of Tahmoh on Saturday’s Whistler (206)

Tahmoh's arc on the Canadian OC-esque soap Whistler continued on Saturday in episode 2x06, "Always a Bridesmaid." Tahmoh was again featured in about five scenes. I made a bunch of screen caps and added them to the site's Flickr page. See caps from his first appearance here.

Unfortunately, the site has now run into the limit of a free Flickr account (200 photos). So I can in the future either:

  • post only a dozen or so caps of future episodes to AATP (as I was doing previously)
  • post the screen caps to some other free site (suggestions?)
  • upgrade to a Flickr Pro account for $24.95.
Comment here or email me (all.about.tahmoh[at] if you have an opinion. If you'd like to keep seeing lots of caps, I'd ask that everyone support the site in whatever way they can:
  • Free! - Make all your Amazon purchases by clicking through the ads below. (Preorder Razor or buy the BSG S3 soundtrack!)
  • Cheap! - Donate via the secure PayPal button in the right sidebar.
  • Pricier - Gift All.about.tahmoh a Flickr Pro account.
  • More work - Offer to host the images on your own site.
If no one responds, I'll go back to posting only a dozen or so screen caps.

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