Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Tahmoh plays new Xbox 360 Battlestar Galactica game

Sierra Entertainment recently brought a copy of the new Xbox 360 Battlestar Galactica game to show's set and got Tahmoh and Grace Park to play it. Tahmoh's reactions are below; you can read the full article here.

"Amidst elaborate new sets for this month's (November's) two-part TV movie, a pair of pilots from the Galactica, Grace Park (Lt. Sharon "Boomer" Valerii) and Tahmoh Penikett (Lt. Karl C. "Helo'"Agathon) took the new downloadable high definition game for a test flight.

"Like any videogame, I think you need some time to get to know it," said Penikett, the resident gamer in the show's cast. "I was embarrassed at how bad I was in the beginning, but after 10 minutes I was really into it. For a downloadable game, it's impressive." [...]

"Compared to how the Raptor controls in my make-believe world on the show, the game's Raptor controls fine," said Penikett."
Here's a screenshot from the game, which is also available for the PC.

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