Thursday, December 20, 2007

Battlestar continues to charm critics in year-end lists

Despite its uneven year, Battlestar still retained its favor with critics, gracing several top ten lists. A nice dose of positive energy to cheer Galactica fans as the WGA strike continues.

In Entertainment Weekly, Stephen King chose Battlestar as one of his Top 5 TV Shows of the Year:

1. Lost
2. Damages
3. Battlestar Galactica
It sagged in the middle, but picked up at the end. The best of Battlestar are the tough-as-nails women. Call them Space Grrrls.
MSN 2007 Year in Review: Best TV Shows
1. The Office
2. The Sopranos
3. Man Men
4. The War
5. Battlestar Galactica
Sure, the third season may have been a bit disappointing compared to the first two, but then Led Zeppelin's third album wasn't as good as their first two either -- and we all know how quickly that became a classic. Baltar's trial, the standoff for the Eye of Jupiter, poor working conditions prompting a strike -- you can't say this year's episodes weren't eventful. Then there's the action-packed flashback film "Razor." Best of all, the last episode of the season ended with such a big bang that you just know it'll quickly push the fourth season into overdrive.
Maureen Ryan of the Chicago Tribune named Galactica a runner up:
“Battlestar Galactica” (Sci Fi)

Though there were some wobbles in the second half of Season 3, the final four episodes of this drama’s third season, as well as the standalone movie “Razor,” proved once again why this space series is in a class by itself. There’s nothing like a good “Battlestar” plot twist to make your head spin, but the “holy cow” moments aren’t the main point (though they’re one heck of a tasty side dish). But the show and its twists and turns are grounded in deep curiosity about human nature, and how contradictory and confounding it can be. And some of its most provocative moments spring from an abiding interest in the ways in which people fight tyranny – and in doing so, sometimes become tyrants.

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