Friday, January 04, 2008

See first Galactica Season 4 promo pic (& new poll)

The new issue of Entertainment Weekly includes a sneak-peek at Galactica's upcoming 4th season, with spoilery hints supplied by showrunner Ron Moore.

The cast photo features all the main cast (including Tahmoh) in Last Supper-inspired poses. See below a detail of Tahmoh and Grace Park. Who are they looking at? Be sure to vote in the new site poll at right. -------->

In other exciting news, the article includes the Season 4 premiere date:
Friday, April 4th at 10pm

Thanks to mediocrechick for the scans.


  1. Hi Justine,

    love your work on this homepage!!
    Anyways, I just asking myself one question: Where the hell is the PR-/Assistant of President Roslin??? I do not see her in the pic and she is supposed to be a "final- five"-cylon?????? as for the fifth... it's Duala I guess. All the cylons revealed are close to one important charakter.

  2. Hi Pam,

    Not sure why Tory isn't in the photo. Maybe the actress wasn't available the weekend they did the shoot. Or maybe she's just not a big enough part of the cast yet. As you noted, Dualla isn't there either (nor is Cally). So we'll have to wait and see who the final cylon is I guess!

    Glad you like the site!