Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Happy Birthday Tahmoh! (with added Dollhouse buzz)

Best wishes for a wonderful day celebrating with friends and family!

Photo from the Chicago Creation con in October 2007 thanks to starbuck042786.

Update: Speaking of Chicago, here's some birthday buzz for Tahmoh and Dollhouse from Chicago's Red Eye, which includes a photo of Tahmoh and both the Dollhouse trailer and Paul & Echo's scene together:

"Joss, Eliza & Tahmoh—3 reasons to already love 'Dollhouse'"
Joss Whedon, Eliza Dushku and Tahmoh Penikett—those are three big reasons I can’t wait to see “Dollhouse” when it debuts on Fox in January 2009....

Speaking of wardrobe, I’m hoping Penikett’s is kind of sparse, or at least he wears those sleeveless shirts he’s always in as Helo on “Battlestar Galactica.” Wow. Easy on the eyes much?

Penikett plays FBI Agent Paul Smith, who also is investigating the Dollhouse. I hear he and Echo eventually become involved romantically too. Penikett’s a great actor and I’ll enjoy seeing him move beyond Helo and “BSG,” which ends its run next year.

This is one show I am so looking forward to watching. And by the way, Fox has upped its order to 13 episodes from the originally reported seven episodes.
Read the whole article.

This may be the first time Tahmoh's been referred to simply by his first name in a headline. Can anyone in Chicago check if the article is in the paper edition of Red Eye?

For more photos from the Chicago convention, see the all.about.tahmoh Flickr.


  1. Happy Birthday, Tahmoh!

    And that was a great article in Red Eye. Thanks for posting the link, Justine.

  2. Happy birthday Tahmoh!
    Wish you the very best in the next year.

    And a big tnx to starbuck042786!Extremely good and clear pictures.
    Wish she goes to every convention Tahmoh goes to :)

    And one of the best things about that interview is that they used that great new picture of him. Finally! (they always use that promo pic from S2...)

  3. Happy birthday, Tahmoh! I can't wait to see Dollhouse. :D

  4. I am SO JEALOUS of starbuck042786. I was at that con, too, and thanks to Creation's "generous" policies, I got maybe five seconds of interaction with them. Looks like she caught them offsite or something.

    Lovely picture - thanks for sharing!

  5. And of course, Happy Birthday, Tahmoh!

  6. Happy Birthday Tahmoh!. I am so looking forward to Dollhouse comming in January of '09 :).