Monday, May 19, 2008

Updated trailer for Dollhouse; more news & reviews

An updated trailer for Dollhouse has been posted to with improved graphics and a few new scenes and lines of dialogue.

See the All about Tahmoh flickr for approx. 50 screencaps of Tahmoh in the trailer by toomanysides. Be warned that seen together the screencaps are rather spoilery (much more so than the trailer above).

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Entertainment Weekly has a fun behind-the-scenes look at the series and new photos from the pilot and on set.
Whedon says that, like Buffy and Firefly, Dollhouse aspires to be both deep (how does society shape, influence, ''program'' the individual: discuss!) and fun.
This photo seems to follow the special sneak peek scene between Paul (Tahmoh) and Echo on view at

Reviews and reactions to Dollhouse are now appearing. David Bianculli (of TV Worth Watching and NPR's Fresh Air) writes:
After a week of seeing (or not seeing) pieces of the new fall TV series, Dollhouse and Fringe were the first shows that were more captivating than disappointing... Dollhouse, based on the premise, the cast, Whedon's reputation and the enticing clips shown, is my first-impression pick -- subject to seeing the full pilots of all the shows, of course -- as the best new show of the 2008-09 season.
The Hollywood Reporter was on hand at the LA Screenings and reports:
The complex set for one of Fox's big pushes at the Screenings, Joss Whedon's sci-fi fantasy "Dollhouse," went up in less than two weeks. Footage for a pilot was in the can in as much time. And yet the series created considerable buzz among buyers over the weekend based on just an eight-minute showcase.
Dollhouse was picked up by CanWest Media (for Canadian distribution) and Channel Ten (Australia).

Trailer screencaps thanks to toomanysides at Blank Dolls.

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